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We develop fast, secure, accessible and easy-to-use web applications from anywhere.

All you need to use web applications is an internet browser. In this case, it is possible to use these applications with almost any device. Having the source code on the server is a unique feature that increases security. Due to many similar reasons, web applications are often preferred for almost all kinds of needs.

We have developed and continue to develop dozens of platform-independent web applications. With the developing technology and ecosystem, development times have decreased significantly.

Another advantage of a web application is its ease of integration. Different web applications that take on many tasks can run as a single application. This shows that web applications have very high reusability potential when they are designed correctly. Reusability and modular applications provide a unique advantage in sustainability.

We can talk at length about the advantages of web applications. A good analysis must have been done to make the most of these benefits. In the analysis and design phase of our projects, we work with our customers to choose the right method and technology.

To date, we have developed and operated dozens of web applications in over ten sectors.

Our Projects

Traffic Vertical Marking Operation Management System (TMOY)

It is the system used by municipalities in the office and field to manage traffic marking (plate, pole, etc.) detection, assembly, disassembly and maintenance operations. The system also includes inventory management, asset management and circulation modules for the execution of the operation.

Keywords: ASP.NET, API, C#, MSSQL, GIS, Java, Android, Windows Server

Public Transport Data Portal (Putran)

It is a web-based public transport data management portal developed to store public transport stop, line, route, time, departure time, driver master data of municipalities. The system offers different ways to create data, making it easy to use. It includes a mobile application for accurate and easy collection of route, stop and other data related to public transportation (school, hospital, etc.) from the field. The system can also calculate the public transport navigation service with up-to-date data and make it available to other applications.

Keywords: Mass Transport, ASP.NET, JS, CSS, C#, Java, MSSQL, Windows Server, Android

TUSAGA-Aktif GNSS Subscription Portal and Pivot Integration

It is a web application developed for GNSS user organizations to subscribe, purchase subscriptions, extend, download rinex data, etc. The application enables users to benefit from 24/7 High-accuracy GNSS service with online sales and real-time Pivot integration. The project also has survey and inventory modules.

Keywords: GNSS, Pivot, ASP.NET, C#, MSSQL, Windows Server

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