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How We Bring Software Projects to Life

We use globally accepted software development methodologies.

  • 01. Requirement Analysis

    We receive project requirements in writing. We work on it. We make sure we understand the same with meetings. We understand your business and strategy and try to think like you. We give new ideas to turn your expectations into a shape that will serve your purpose better.

  • 02. System Analysis

    We identify processes, data structures and business rules through analysis so that your requirements can be realized. For each stage of the project, we identify the points that can go wrong and determine the necessary actions.

    We make feasibility and sustainability analyzes for the entire project. We think together about how to overcome the obstacles we have identified and produce solutions.

  • 03. System Design

    With system analysis outputs, designs are made on data structures, processes, screens, messaging, integration, software architecture, technology selection, etc. Process, data model, screen designs are presented by prototyping. This way, communication errors or forgotten details are corrected before software developments begin.

  • 04. Software Development

    With the outputs of the design stages, the project managers take the tasks of each module down to the finest detail. Tasks are completed in two-week sprints with the scrum project management method, using the specified technologies. At the end of the sprint, the completed features are presented and feedback is received. By repeating this cycle, the software development activity is completed.

  • 05. Software Testing

    Alpha and beta tests are planned, where all the functions of the project will be tested. When the developments are completed, first alpha tests are made and the findings are resolved. Then the beta testing environment is set up for the customer and beta testing training is given. The problems that customer users find in their tests are fixed.

  • 06. Installation and Go Live

    The installation and go-live phase is a critical phase where documentation, training, system setup, data transfer and support activities are carried out. At this stage, we work shoulder to shoulder with our customer and make sure that the project is understood by the users without any problems and is used correctly.

  • 07. Monitoring and Correction

    We are ready for all system, coding and data-related problems that may arise in the system after the go-live process. In line with our support policy, we will solve the problem as soon as possible.

Languages and Frameworks We Use

We use different technologies and software development languages together for a mobile application, desktop application or a server application. According to the project needs, C, C++, C#, VB 6.0, VB.NET, Objective-C, Swift, Kotlin, Python Java, PHP, JavaScript, XML, HTML, JSON, SQL, BashScript, Powershell, T-SQL etc. We use languages together or alone, as appropriate.

We think that a software development project is not just about coding. Before we move on to writing code, we plan which languages, technologies, techniques, and platforms to use. We make usage predictions specific to the project and determine what can go wrong and take measures for them.

Low Level Languages

We use languages such as C or C++ when producing embedded software for a hardware or developing a high performance image processing application.

Microsoft .Net Framework

We use .Net Framework when programming mobile application, web application, web service, windows desktop application and windows service. We prefer to use C# programming language while developing applications with .Net Framework. Application development projects can be shortened a lot with the numerous libraries, classes and methods it contains. Integrations made easily with its natural compatibility with Microsoft products affect the user experience in a good way.

It is mostly preferred because it supports platforms other than Windows and its application areas increase.

Objective-C and Swift

We use these two languages to develop iOS and macOS applications. We prefer languages, libraries and techniques recommended by the operating system manufacturer, rather than third-party solutions, in order to develop applications with performance and natural user experience with operating system-specific libraries.


Mastering the javascript language, which is indispensable for today's web applications, will increase the quality of the application and thus the user experience in a good way. By using javascript libraries such as jQuery in projects, we can greatly shorten application development times.


We also prefer the Java language when developing platform-independent applications. Java's old history is still the most important factor in its wide device support.


We use Kotlin language while developing android applications. We prefer kotlin language instead of java in android applications because it is supported by current SDKs.