Mobil Applications

We prefer mobile applications for the best user experience.

User experience is always important. The mobile devices we use today have very powerful sensors and communication capabilities, as well as display and operating system features. We can make the best use of the hardware features of mobile devices with mobile applications.

Being able to use an application quickly and fluently without training provides unique benefits in many operations. User experience design is of great importance in this regard. In order to develop applications that users love, it is necessary to bring together the capabilities of mobile devices and a fluent user experience design.

Especially in applications that appeal to large audiences, the communication between the server and the mobile application also gains importance. Unlike a web page, the mobile application only receives the data via the API. With this method, they significantly improve the user experience by offering shorter loading delays even with poor internet connection.

We expect a lot from mobile applications. Mobile apps should look good, be fast and secure. We use the languages and SDKs recommended by the operating system manufacturers for a sustainable application lifecycle.

To date, we have developed and operated dozens of mobile applications in the above sector.

Our Projects

Earthquake Information System Mobile Application

It is an application that shows earthquake information live. It includes natively developed Android and iOS mobile applications. In addition, it gives useful information about the earthquake.

Keywords: ASP.NET, API, C#, MSSQL, Java, Swift, Android, iOS, Windows Server

Mobile City Directory

It is a map-based and multilingual city guide mobile application project prepared for domestic and foreign tourists to use. There is an administration website for editing the contents. The system also includes public transportation line, time, route and departure time information and also provides public transportation navigation support for end users.

Keywords: ASP.NET, API, C#, MSSQL, GIS, Java, Swift, Android, iOS, Windows Server


They are pedometer mobile applications developed natively for iOS and Android. While using iOS services for iOS, it counts steps for Android with its own unique algorithm. Both applications work integrated with NETCAD Netigma product.

Keywords: Signal Processing, Java, Swift, Android, iOS

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