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Value Adding Touches

In the digitalization process, preferences on topics such as technology selection, project management, architecture, and information security should be compatible. As an outside team, we can make the necessary technical contributions to your projects. Thus, you can focus on your business instead of systems and applications that work seamlessly with each other.


Every device, software and technology has multiple alternatives. Each wrong choice will reduce the next choice alternatives. This will cause loss of time and money. Worse, they disrupt your work. The effects of this will be much greater. We support to reduce such possibilities.

Contracts and Costs

While initial investment costs can be calculated, operating costs are often overlooked. The content of the contract we will make is decisive for the calculation of the operating costs. However, you should make sure that the content of the contract is prepared according to your preferences. In the future, none of us would like to hear phrases such as "your request is not covered by the contract" or "additional budget is required".


There are always constraints for our projects. Sometimes a user, sometimes a device will appear as an obstacle in front of us. We are with you with our experience to detect these from the first day.


There is a wide variety of risks at the time of development and implementation of your projects. In order to be aware of these, we are with you with an experienced extra perspective.


Every software project is a multidisciplinary team effort. You don't have to pay for communication accidents.