Enterprise Business Softwares

We develop reliable applications that the business world requirements.

We carry out enterprise software projects such as ERP, SCM, MRP, MES, CRM. We have developed our own product and integrated package solutions such as SAP, Oracle, MS Dynamics, AS400 in many projects that we have taken over major responsibilities to date.

From the requirement analysis of enterprise software systems, polyphony is encountered. It is very important to understand the needs of each unit and user correctly and to shake hands on them. Speaking the same language as the end user is critical. It is not possible to minimize communication problems with long meetings. The right method is to define the process, data structure and business rules as a draft and simulate them on prototype screens for the end user. With the simulation, the two parties can communicate with an efficient focus, since it is now a tangible object to talk about. With this method we apply, it becomes possible to prevent potential problems before they occur.

As the world changes, our jobs are expected to change as well. Adapting to this change is vital. Keeping up with the change creates the need for change in other software systems used. We manage such updates, which we experience even before the end of the project, with the change management system. We analyze the effects and update the rest of the project. We equate our own sustainability with that of our customers.

To date, we have developed enterprise software projects in 8 sectors.

Our Projects

P-ERP Platform Build Enterprise Resource Management & ILS & CM

It is a web-based ERP solution developed to support Shipyards in the execution of military platform projects. In addition to standard ERP modules, it also has Integrated Logistics Support and Configuration Management features. Definitions (Master data), User Authorization and Rights module, Inventory, Purchasing, Document Management, Document database, Design, Project Management, Human Resources, Configuration Management, Progress Payment, Finance, Planned Maintenance, Integrated Logistics Support, Configuration Management and Reporting has modules. P-ERP is a system designed and integrated in compliance with NATO standards in many aspects. The project module works integrated with Microsoft Project.

Keywords: ERP, NATO, ASP.NET, C#, MSSQL, MSProject, Windows Server

P-ERP Platform Build Enterprise Resource Management & MRP

It is an MRP system developed specifically for P-ERP project needs. It has the ability to work by taking into account special cases such as semi-finished production, contract manufacturing, alternative materials, etc.

Keywords: P-ERP, MRP, ASP.NET, C#, MSSQL, Windows Server

TOYOTA Orion ERP Development, Maintenance and Support

Consisting of Customer, Sales, Purchasing, Project, Contract, Budget Planning, Stock, Logistics Planning, Import, Export, Current Tracking, Pre-accounting, General Accounting, Depreciation Tracking, ARTES and GİB registration integrations, E-Invoice and E-Waybill modules It is a desktop ERP project.

Keywords: ERP, Delphi, .Net, C#, MSSQL, Windows Server

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