Artificial Intelligence Applications (AI)

Artificial intelligence applications can provide unpredictable gains. Are you ready?

Artificial intelligence has noticeably changed the direction of human development. Artificial intelligence has brought with it many ethical discussions. There will be people who will be unemployed with artificial intelligence projects, and there will be lives saved. AI is a tool at its core, and the outcome will depend on how we use it. Today it is making rapid progress and does a good job even with abstract problems.

Supporting software projects with artificial intelligence creates a facilitating effect on human life. Especially by noticing patterns that people cannot notice, efficient results can be obtained. One of the artificial intelligence systems we have developed today can somehow detect a traffic sign that is not in place. It is not possible for even an expert to determine this. The contribution of artificial intelligence here is vital.

We do efficiency analysis for adding Artificial Intelligence to projects. In doing so, we focus on the output benefit, the risks taken, and the quality of the data that can be used for training.

Our first requirement to start artificial intelligence projects is data. Many artificial intelligence projects that are intended to be implemented today are terminated before they begin due to insufficient data quality. Companies that have started to store their data correctly today are investing in artificial intelligence projects that they will realize in the coming years. We have made many of our customers aware of this issue and have developed the necessary software.

To date, we have developed artificial intelligence projects in 2 different sectors.

Our Projects

Vertical Marking Inspection System

The system detects lost and damaged traffic signs in the field in real time using artificial intelligence and the TMOY vertical marking database. It creates audit records by working in integration with TMOY for the situations it detects. When a situation that needs to be corrected is detected, users can plan a task.

Keywords: Artificial Intelligence (AI), Image Processing, ASP.NET, API, C#, MSSQL, GIS, Java, Android, Windows Server

Profile Photo Inspection System

It is a system with artificial intelligence that checks whether the photos collected by users meet the desired criteria.

Keywords: Artificial Intelligence (AI)

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