Game And Gamification

Undisputedly, we all love to play games. We also love game development.

Play is an activity that we need at all ages. While it was mostly done with physical activities on the street in our childhood, today it has undergone a great change and shifted from the streets to virtual environments. The concept that emerged as a Video Game can be realized on many different platforms today. We play games using computers, game consoles, mobile game consoles, smartphones and virtual reality glasses.

While implementing game development projects, we contribute to projects at many points from scenario to user experience. Today, we are realizing game projects for all of the platforms we mentioned above.

Gamification is an excellent way to train your staff and students within an operation. When the questions of the competition, in which the teams compete with each other by having fun, are about your job, the training is both fun and permanent.

Gamification is an excellent way to train your staff and students within an operation. When the questions of the competition are about your business, the training is both fun and memorable.

We have developed 2 game projects so far. We also developed gamification software projects in 3 sectors.

Our Projects

TOYOTA Developmental Games

It is a system that can be flexibly designed to support the training of dealer sales personnel with gamification. System administrators can design games in simple and advanced mode. Each time the game starts, the system selects characters with character traits within predetermined intervals. The right and wrong in the designed game change according to the character traits. The rules work accordingly, and users and teams compete individually and as a team by earning points.

Keywords: ASP.NET, C#, JS, CSS, MSSQL, Windows Server, Gamification

EBebek Bebeveyn

It is a parent gamification project in the EBebek mobile application. Developed for parents and supporters of baby care. Users can earn badges and gift certificates by playing games. Within the scope of the project, native iOS and Android applications were developed. Backend has been developed for mobile applications. In addition, SAP and SAP Hybris integrations were made.

Keywords: Gamification, SAP, SAP Hybris, ASP.NET Core WebAPI, C#, Windows Server, Swift UI, iOS, Kotlin, Android

EBebek Zirverest

It is a gamification application developed for E-Baby employees. Within the scope of the project, integrations were made with performance KPI values and combined with gamification processes. Within the scope of the project, end-user applications and management web application were developed as responsive web application.

Keywords: Gamification, SAP, ASP.NET Core, WebAPI, JS, CSS, VueJS, C#, MSSQL, Windows Server

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