Mobile Terminal Applications

We develop mobile terminal applications for the challenging conditions of the teams in the field.

We develop field applications for terminals that adapt to the harsh conditions of the personnel performing their duties in the field. We know terminals and their SDKs well to develop practical, fast and reliable applications.

Application response should be intuitively predictable. Visual and auditory feedbacks are used in a dosed and correct manner. For example, field personnel scan the barcode and deliver the load. He should not think about the rest. He shouldn't wait for the confirmation message on the screen while continuing the next load. Instead, an audible alert that means the process is complete is a time-saver.

We develop applications that can be used quickly with such invisible optimizations. A few seconds of optimization in repetitive processes can significantly increase efficiency.

We are developing applications for terminals with Android operating system. We continue to provide support for terminals with Windows Mobile operating system, which are starting to decline today.

To date, we have developed and operated dozens of mobile applications in two sectors.

Our Projects

KROMAN Shipment Mobile Application

It integrates with SAP and enables users to fulfill their shipping tasks in real time. The project runs on Windows Mobile 6.

Keywords: SAP, Windows Mobile

Traffic Horizontal Marking Operation Management System (TMOY)

It is the system used by municipalities in the office and field to manage traffic marking (lane line, separation line, pedestrian crossing, etc.) detection, drawing, wiping and maintenance operations. The system also includes inventory management, asset management and circulation modules for the execution of the operation.

Keywords: ASP.NET, API, C#, MSSQL, GIS, Kotlin, Android, Windows Server

Celsantas Warehouse

It integrates with SAP and enables users to perform warehouse tasks in real time. The project runs on Windows Mobile 6.

Keywords: SAP, C#, Windows Mobile

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